Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Current evidence-based research on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for urinary incontinence, urgency, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic girdle pain, functional bowel disorders,osteoporosis, 

menopause, and pelvic pain will be presented 

in a retreat setting.


This interactive course will give clinicians

the skills in yoga and mindfulness

practice to return to the clinic and

implement treatment and exercise

prescriptions for specific

pelvic health conditions. 

Course Content

Content will include detailed examples of yoga

poses specific to clinical diagnosis with

modifications and contraindications.

Course Objectives

Upon completion, students will have skills and resources to transfer their knowledge to patient care including:

  • Prepared content for exercise prescriptions and progressions

  • Knowledge of yoga and meditation types and terminology to support referral of patients to classes in the community

  • Resource lists including apps, websites, and books to provide therapists with reference material and items to use to assist clients with adherence

  • Reference materials for experiential course activities including Yoga Nidra practice, Dosha types, and breathing exercises

  • Methods to educate patients on addressing the mind-body connection.